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Children’s Aid Projects for Southern Africa

Children Without Frontiers is a relief organisation for children in need in Southern Africa. It was founded in 2007 by Gerhard Wiebusch.

In his role as a construction manager and planner,
Mr. Wiebusch had been involved with the erection of hospitals, schools, and homes in Southern Africa for more than 40 years.

During all these years on the spot he very closely experienced the social conditions of needy people, especially of children.

Based on these long-term observations and experience he realized that a mere transfer of money or food from rich countries would never solve the problems in a sustained and lasting way. Quite on the contrary – depending on alms demoralizes people and also weakens their will to change the situation of their own accord.

Due to the high rate of unemployment as well as a lack of qualified education, many African people hardly stand a real chance to get out of this misery. Many of them resort to crime, violence, drugs, and alcohol. And even today millions of people are coming down with Aids/HIV because health education is absolutely insufficient.

The helpless children are just as much affected by this misery.

Slums in Afrika
Due to a shortage of financial resources, many of them do not even have a simple roof over their heads. They must live without healthy food, medical care, and proper school eduction, too.

Many children die of starvation or of deseases which, under better medical conditions, would be easy to treat.

Very often child labour is contributing to the family incomes.

Furthermore, a considerable number of young girls are prostituting themselves.

Watching their parents also living in misery gives a fatal example to the children and makes it impossible for them to find perspectives for a humane and self-determined life.

Orphans and homeless children are even more affected by this misery.

Many of them grow up in the streets, sleeping underneath bridges or in other public sites offering some kind of shelter. To be able to survive, begging or stealing is the only thing left to the children. Many of them are experiencing violence and drug misuse as a normal part of their lives.

The children are the weakest link of the chain. Completely depending on their social environment they are helpless in the face of their desperate situation.

Therefore in 2007 we decided to take the serious problems of needy children in Southern Africa into our own hands.

With its unique concept Children Without Frontiers is treading new paths: Covering the children’s basic requirements by offering food, education, and a home, we are giving them a real chance to better their situation.

On a long-term basis, building homes with integrated schools, greenhouses, and hospital wards will lay the foundations for a self-determined life and future.

Please help us to put all these plans into action !

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