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Enduring help for a life with a future

A lack of basic supply in almost every respect of life forces many children to fight for survival every day. Most of them have poor chances of a better future and no perspective for a life which is worth living.

Help us to get children out of this misery !

This is exactly what the holistic concept of
Children Without Frontiers is aiming to achieve.

More than just a roof over their heads

Outside the social hotspot areas we want to build school camps in the country, giving security and home as well as shelter from cruelness, exploitation, and crime – thus offering children a sound basis for a new start.

For decades we have been watching that getting in or relapsing into criminal circles is very easy and tempting for children and young persons. It is therefore imperative that – in contrast to other projects – our school camps will be built in the country, outside those social hotspots.

The buildings will meet up-to-date Europan standards, offering for instance hot and cold running water as well as electricity – “ordinary” comforts which, however, are absolutely unimaginable to many children today! Energy is supposed to be ecologically generated by solar plants.

Healthy food

Our project also includes healthy and well-balanced nutrition which probably means a completely new experience and learning process to most of the children.

These first two issues will lay the most important foundations for a humane life.

Hospital wards

Integrated hospital wards will ensure the children’s medical care. They allow to accommodate and treat even patients with chronic deseases, thus re-integrating them into the protective community. This will help to stop social isolation of sick children – a sad circumstance that very often goes with life in slums.

Help to children of all ages

Our school camps will accommodate children of different ages (1 – 18 years). As experience in German day-care centres shows, this has an extraordinarily positive influence on the children’s social behaviour. With the greatest of ease, young children learn from the elder ones to help each other and to develop an unselfish sense of responsibility.


The children will be mainly supported and looked after by committed local employees who have been selected and instructed by experienced educationalists and who will also be responsible to impart traditional and cultural knowledge.
New jobs will be created, allowing to look after the children round the clock.


Living in communities and being looked after by trained personnel, the children will learn social responsibility and a respectful behaviour towards other people.

This is what our project wants to create:
A place characterized by understanding, trust, and security for children – just a home !


Elder children will be given school education in the new classrooms. Keep in mind that education is one of the most important preconditions to be able to live a self-determined life in future !

Greenhouses and arable land

Greenhouses on the school camps sites are another important part of our project. They allow to yield multiple crops all year round and to cultivate fruit and vegetable seedlings.

Following the principles of ecological agriculture, various types of grain will be planted and cultivated on arable land which is an essential project task, too. In the end our aim is to have the land cultivated by local workers by giving them all the instruction and knowledge required. This will also create new jobs for people on the spot.


The agricultural project’s primary objective is not only to meet the people’s own aliment requirements but also to produce surplus food to be sold on regional markets, thus contributing to refinance the project and to extend the school camps in the country.

Right from the start the children learn how to cultivate food to be able to meet their everday supply. At the same time they gain valuable basic knowledge and information on vegetables and grain as well as on ecological agriculture. They also learn to act economically and to treat nature and resources with respect and expertise.

Professional education

In addition to school education, adolescents are given the opportunity of learning a profession in the field of agriculture or agricultural engineering. On a long-term basis, we also want to create the conditions required to offer apprenticeships for social and educational professions.

Our projects will help children to find a new start in living a humane and independent life
with a future.

But to do so, we need your help !

Financing our projects without your donations will be difficult or even completely impossible.

So please support our projects and help children in need and misery !

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